Jumilian Kidz started his music career in 2002. Since then he started to produce his own
productions in digital environments and advance in his production career.

The important step in his career as a DJ, and the start of his professional music life was
achieved through DJ SCHOOL, which was founded in 2004 by DJ Bora K. (Bora Kondoz). Jumilian Kidz started to take parts in many events and this was the beginning of his career advancement. He proved his success in electronic music, his passion in “Trance" music in the DJ competition he attended.

In the beginning of 2005, Jumilian Kidz established his mini home studio where he continued his productions as a DJ. His performance impressed his audience and he started to take part in successful events. In 2006, he started working with REGULAR BEATS RECORDS, the first Label founded by Atesh K. (Ateş Kozal) in Cyprus. He published his first TRANCE tracks in the branch of “Trance Department" by Regular Beats Records. After the release of his album “MILESTONE EP”, his productions continued to keep up.

Kidz, who has took part in many events throughout his DJ career and performed at major festivals, was offered the Resident DJ position in 2012. Thus he started to perform at ONYX (Rocks Hotel which is located in Kyrenia, Cyprus.) During these years he was also the official DJ of MissFashion and FTV After Party organizations organized by FashionTV in Cyprus for 4 years.

Throughout his career he had the opportunity to share the same stage with famous
names,such as; Nick Warren, Stan Kolev, Eli & Fur, Finnebassen, Jose Maria Ramon,
Olivier Giacomotto, Kevin Yost, Wolfson, Paul Van Dyk, Cosmic Gate, Marco V, Rank 1,
Joop, 4 Strings, Jes, Emma Hewitt, Da Queen, Kıvanch K. and Atesh K.

Some of the important places and festivals where he performed were;
Xtreme Dot Fest, The Void (Beach Party), Electromono Arena, Cage Club (Wonderland),
Virgin Island Festival, Yuka Blend Festival, The Lab (Turkey), Papa Bar, Escape Beach Club,
Coco Bongo Island.

Kidz, officially published "AMSTERGROUND PODCAST" which has become a broadcast simultaneously on many websites today. Amsterground Podcast is also available on digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. Kidz decided to establish his own company and official music broadcasting infrastructure in 2018, called "PURE CODE RECORDS". "KALAHARI", the first "Single" work that Jumilian Kidz published had an impact on his changing and developing music career,was released through his own company PureCode Records. He took part in the "BIOLOGIK" community for a long time, which was founded by Bora K. He performed with the Biologik Team in many events with the slogan "Music For Biologik People". After his first single, Kidz gradually improved his music career and published the song "I'M ONLY HUMAN" from his own company. Kidz spends most of his time on highlighting his music production.

Jumilian Kidz later released the album "FUTURE EP", which made a huge impact on digital sites. The song "FUTURE", which is included in the album and named after the album, was also published and supported by the Progressive Astronaunt company. Other tracks in the Future EP album; “EREBUS”, “AMATRE” and “IMAGINE” are also appreciated as much as Future. Two singles, "GLARE" and "AUGUST", which have a different style and were released after the Future album, were also widely acclaimed. Jumilian Kidz, got a lot of attention and listened with his album YEAR MIX in 2020, started working on other albums and singles in 2021.

LOVE YOU MORE” and “CITY LIGHTS”, were the first songs to be released in 2021.
In 2021, he still works as a Resident DJ at THE ROOF located in Nicosia Concorde Hotel
and TABOO in Kyrenia.

As their last released tracks, "A-LEVEL and MEMORIES 46" are available on all digital platforms.